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Second Pregnancy: Third Trimester–the final weeks…

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I’m still here and I am still pregnant!

I made it to the 38 weeks mark on Saturday. Here is this photo for proof:

38 weeks

Not so bad from the front, right!? But sideways? BA-BAM! BABY!

I’m feeling ok. I am getting some sleep even though I wake up 2-3 times a night for bathroom visits. My belly is so big that when I see in my peripheral vision, it sort of seems like that isn’t even my body I see. Like it doesn’t seem possible that the belly I’m seeing  is attached to me. Speaking of my belly, I am now getting stretch marks on my sides. These seem to be growing every day. By the time the baby gets here I am betting they will have reached the ones radiating out from my navel making my whole stomach one tangled mass of marks. Strangely, I am okay about this. I find it fascinating. It is kind of like my body is very slowly making its own tattoo! My energy comes and goes. One day I will cruise along and knock a lot of stuff off of my To Do list. The next day, I will be too tired to do much. I try not to get too frustrated by it, but I have my moments.

Our bag is packed as is an overnight bag for Porter. We have friends that will help take care of Porter while we are in the hospital and I am thankful we have so many people in our life who are willing to help us.

After talking about it for months and even reading books about it, the other night Porter was getting upset about the prospect of him being away from me while I am in the hospital. This is breaking my heart. I’m trying not to think about it because it is the one thing I am really nervous about–leaving him in the care of other people for a few days. I am hoping that when the time really does come that he will be so excited about his new sleeping bag and the chance to have a “sleepover” that he won’t really care. But I hate seeing his eyes fill with tears while he says, “But mommy, I will miss you!” So. Hard. Heart. Breaking.

A few cool things have happened/are happening this week:

- My post about baby girl’s nursery was a featured link on WhatToExpect.com! They refer to the room as “untraditional”–is it? Is it “untraditional” because it isn’t blue? Just curious as to what you all think about that…what makes up a “traditional” nursery?

- This Friday at my OB appointment they will finally check internally to see if baby is making any progress (to see if I am dilated/effaced.) They don’t check before 38 weeks because they fear it may prompt the baby to come sooner rather than later. By Friday I will be 38 weeks 6 days.

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What is untraditional about your baby girl’s nursery? If anything, that shade of blue reminds me of a Tiffany’s box and there’s nothing un-girly about that. I *love* the nursery – so simple yet so engaging and perfect. And I love that Porter’s got his own little spot.

When my best friend had her second baby, she mourned the close relationship she had with her then two-year-old son but then Baby B. arrived and everything was just as it should be — and I wonder if Porter isn’t going through a bit of that, too. Maybe get Porter some special gifts to give the baby — and the baby can get some special gifts to give him, one at each visit so he’ll have something special to hold onto when he goes to his (what will no doubt be) all party and not much slumber. ;)

Thanks–I was like, “Untraditional, how? The baby still has a crib and and a changing table–what’s the big deal?” It just has got me thinking about what a “traditional” nursery is…

I think a part of what is going on with Porter is also about him back to daycare full time. He use to spend all day with me most days of the week (since January) and now he doesn’t. He comes home from school everyday and says “Mommy, I missed you!” So I guess he just sees my trip to the hospital as more separation. We do have a gift for Porter from the baby, but I haven’t gotten a gift for the baby from Porter. I’ve been thinking about doing that.

Connor stayed with my mom when I went into labor. Completely unplanned by the way! She gave him chocolate milk, chocolate pudding and projected a Curious George movie on the wall and he didn’t miss me one bit.

I also had packed a gift for Amelia to give to Connor (and he had picked out one for her) which was a Cars backpack with a coloring book and crayons inside. That was perfect for sitting around the hospital room.

We also made sure that Amelia was in the bassinet when he came into our room for the first time. That was the advice of the nurse.

Each night Dad and Connor would come and have dinner with me. That gave us a little sense of normalcy – and again, an activity for Connor to do at the hospital.

That is all great advice! Our friends who were planning to take Porter when the time comes are actually out of town right now, so of course this will probably be when labor starts! Luckily we have a lot of friends on speed dial to help since none of our family is in the area.