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Baby Girl’s Nursery

Posted by Lori | Posted in baby stuff, DIY, nesting, nursery, Second Pregnancy, She's Crafty | Posted on 03-06-2013

I think we finally have enough done in the nursery to give you all a peek, so without further ado:

Aaron is a handy guy and sewing is actually one of his many, many talents. He sewed those blackout curtains for me while I was having some contractions on Memorial Day. He used this tutorial for pointers. Aside from just making the room darker for baby, I think the curtains will help with the draft that comes through that window in the winter. They also help disguise the fact that the window isn’t centered on that wall. Thank you again, Aaron. I LOVE them!

I might add more of those embroidery hoop wall decorations on that side…or I might not. I’m not sure…Would anyone be interested in learning how I made those hoops? It’s really easy. I could write about it if you’d like–let me know!

Again, the bedding is called  “Jamboree” from Mamas & Papas that I got on super clearance. The crib and matching changing table we bought like new from craigslist prior to Porter being born.

Instead of a more traditional mobile, I opted for these paper stars I got at Michaels. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for them, but I know they were definitely less than $5 a piece. Each is strung up to the ceiling with ribbon I found on clearance also from Michaels.

So hard to get a decent shot of this because of the window and its backlight, but the valance came with the bedding set. The shelf (we bought two) is from the Martha Stewart storage collection at Home Depot. We were lucky and got a deal through a “Black Friday” sale they had a few months ago. That cut the costs on some of the storage bins too.

Porter has his own recliner in the room, a gift from my dad to him a year or so ago. He is happy to have his own place here–right next to the toys, of course!

The chair we bought for Porter’s nursery back in 2009.  throw pillows we bought to stage the guest room when we were trying to sell our house in Tallahassee back in the day. Lamp is from Target.

And there are the steps to downstairs and our room is through the double doors.  We are still a little worried about there being no way to close off the baby’s room, but since we rent this house there is really no way for us to permanently correct this. We are just going to have to make it work.

So there you have it: yes, a blue nursery for a baby girl! Now all we need is for the baby girl to get here!

If you want to see some “before” photos of this room, you can find a few here.

Would you like to see how I made the embroidery hoop wall decor?  Click HERE.

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Love it! The stars are my favorite!

Great job! I love the stars, the embroidery hoop decorations, the crib set…well just everything!

I love it! That color is so beautiful and I love the striped curtains. What a dreamy room :)

I too just painted my child’s room in the shades of blue. This looks lovely and I love the circles/embroidery rings. I passed a bunch up at the thrift store some months ago and kicked myself. Love the stars too. Happy for you and your husbands sewing skills.

Ooh, love this! We’re moving in August and thinking of doing our daughter’s room in teal and yellow. It looks great!!

That looks wonderfully put together, what a nice nursery! I would like to know how you did the embroidery hoop decorations. I’ve done a few of my own, but am not convinced that I did it the best way.

I love this room sooooo much! It’s not the super traditional dolls and ballet shoes everywhere baby girl’s room! And the embroidery hoops are the cutest! It’s not the straight out of the baby store nursery set & looks so much easier to live with than seeing cartoon characters everywhere. If our baby really is a girl I’m going to run those hoops past Steve, since we are sharing a space it would be a sweet little decoration to have on her side of the room without taking over.